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Helpful websites for Graphic Designers | You won’t miss out.

Helpful websites for Graphic Designer

Helpful websites for Graphic Designers | You won’t miss out.

In this article, we have a whole host of helpful websites to show you from across the internet and we think these 5 websites are some of the best sources for inspiration and to get your creative flight to take off. 

Being a good designer needs good observations of everyday things. Observing and getting creative with things need a good amount of practice along with experience. To boost your practice and learning you will need some good inspirations to get going. In talking of getting inspiration different websites came to be helpful in your Graphic designing journey. We’ve chosen some great inspirational and helpful websites for every Graphic designer.

Here are the 6 helpful websites for Graphic Designer, you don’t want to miss:

1) Wordmark

Wordmark helpful website

It becomes easy when you can see the countless different typefaces with a single click. Wordmark is one of the best websites for deciding your desired font with one click. Firstly, when you open the website, in general there you can enter any words or key phrases and press enter. After that, it shows you all the system fonts on that entered key phrase surprisingly.

You can see all the fonts of your computer and what they will look like on the word you typed. So, this website makes it super easy to find the font that you want to use for your practice or projects. This is a great way to try every font without wasting more time.

2) Figside

Figside helpful website for graphic designer

Figside is another great helpful website when it comes to converting your Figma design to a real website. It let you convert your designs made in Figma to code for your website. Figside will come really helpful for making personal, portfolio, landing pages, and many more. It’s easy to work and has both free & paid subscriptions.

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3) Askplaybook

askplaybook helpful website for graphic designer
askplaybook helpful website for graphic designer

In terms of genuinely helpful websites, Askplaybook is one of the best among all. This website is mainly focused on guiding and giving a platform. Askplaybook is a well-managed platform with practical and actionable career tips for every growing graphic designer out there. Here, you can find a good amount of designers along with mentors to follow them and their work.

4) Uisources

uisourses helpful website for graphic designer

When it comes to getting a good amount of inspirational resources and design helps especially, Uisources website get its spot in this article. On this website, you’ll find over 800+ interactions along with 2400+ screenshots from real, well-designed websites. Both beginner and advanced level designer can get their inspiration from this website, as can be seen.

5) Lawsofux

lawsofux helpful website for graphic designer

Lawsofux is a website mainly focused on clearing the rule and laws who are interested in user experience design. This website includes explanations and examples of the most important of UX design. Above all, You can also find some good projects along with their needs on this website.

It provides you with some of the great resources and laws like Aesthetic-Usability Effect, Doherty Threshold, Fitts’s Law, Goal-Gradient Effect, and many more.


Designers are known for their sense of making design simple and impactful. In conclusion, everyone has their own level of creativity so creating the best out of every design is what every client looking for. In the journey of being a Graphic designer a good amount of resources and help will boost every creative mind. Definitely, these 5 helpful websites for graphic designers work for you.


Best Tennis Academies

In this article, we listed the 5 best tennis academies that produce some world-class tennis players & had a big name in tennis academies history.

If you are into tennis, then you know that being a tennis player is not an easy task. It requires discipline, effort, consistency, and persistence. And to reach that level, good guidance and coaching are equally required. That is why there are thousands of institutes all across the globe that provide professional training to aspiring tennis players.

But where are the best tennis academies? Which country has produced the most successful tennis players? If you don’t have any idea then,

Here is the list of the five best tennis academies in the world.

1) Bollettieri Tennis academy

Bollettieri Tennis academy
Image Source | Google

In 1978, Nikki Bollettieri established Bollettieri tennis academy, now known as IMG Academy in Florida. It is one of the most famous academies in the USA and across the globe.

 This academy has played an important role in shaping the career of noted players: Serena and Venus Williams, Maria Sharapova, and other noted players. You know now why IMG Academy is famous.

Its extensive workout plan, student approach, and world-class coaching make it one of the best tennis academies in the world. 

Full Youtube video of Bollettieri Tennis academy.

2) PIATTI TENNIS CENTER: Tennis academy in Italy

Image Source | Google

Riccardo Piatti is one of the successful tennis coaches at the international level. He started Piatti tennis center in 1988,  paving the path for the successful career of many renowned tennis players. Located in Bordighera Italy, Piatti has assisted world-class tennis players for more than 40 years.

The Piatti is one of the best tennis academies in the world because they uniquely prepare young athletes to pursue a professional tennis career.

To maintain the quality, they provide a maximum of 2 players in a court with one or two coaches.



Image Source | Google

Alexander Waske tennis university was established in the year 2010, by two former German Tennis players, Alexander Waske and Rainer Schüttler. It is located in Frankfurt, Germany.

With more than 30 years of experience, this tennis academy has more than 30 professional tennis players under training.

Some of the finest tennis players such as Michael Mmoh, Andrea Petkovic, Karim  Maamoun, etc are alumni of this tennis academy.


Image Source | Google

Located in the exquisite location of France, Mouratoglou tennis academy is the home of some of the greatest female players of all time.

Patrick Mouratoglou founded the academy in 1996 and coached some of the high profile tennis players: Serene Williams, Stefanos Tsitsipas, and Coco Gauff. 

 And with more than 20 years of experience, it has now produced some of the greatest players of all time.

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Image Source | Google

Sanchez-casal tennis academy, established in 1998 in Barcelona, Spain is one of the most widely celebrated tennis academies of all time. It started with the theme of not just training but educating the tennis players, and so far it has succeeded to do so.

The founder of this tennis academy Emilio Sanchez Vicario and Sergio casal started this academy in Spain. But it has its branch in Florida, USA too.

Ana Ivanovic and Svetlana Kuznetsova are two of the greatest players of all time who got their tennis education and training at this institute.


If you want to achieve great things in life, then you must be persistent, and consistent. However, sometimes these things don’t help us all the time. A little extra help might be what you need.

Thus even in the field of tennis, you require world-class guidance and support. That is why to be a part of the best tennis academies among many to unleash your potential is crucial.


Fitness motivation

There are times in life where we all wish we would have known more. In life,
career, relationships, and even working out, there are lessons to be learned that we
usually see more clearly once we’ve accomplished a goal or completed a task. A
fitness goal is a specific training objective or physical challenge you set for
yourself. It should be realistic and achievable within a particular time frame, and
specific to your exercise routine or training habits.
Many people dream to be fit but cannot achieve their goals after a few days of

Fitness Goal Image
Image Source | Unsplash

So here are five ways to stick to your fitness goals.

1) Make long term goals.

First, set the goals you’re striving towards, be it losing fat, getting a
muscular body, or improving your endurance. Aim high, but try to be
realistic too.

2) Make your short term goals attainable.

We dream BIG. Sometimes we dream SO BIG that soon our once exciting
goals seem scary. This scary feeling can make us turn our backs and fall off
track. To avoid feeling defeated from not reaching your big goals as quickly as
you’d like, turn them into micro-goals. Want to lose 20lbs? Start by focusing
on losing the first 5lbs.

Learn to appreciate the progress along your journey. Now that you know what you wish to achieve, you have to set monthly or weekly goals to create an atmosphere of success, and to be able to monitor your own progress better. Coming back to being realistic – do not set goals that are too demanding to attain. You shouldn’t be too easy on yourself either, by setting yourself up for failure will only demotivate you and make you hate the path you’re on.

3) Find motivation

Find a way to motivate yourself through every goal, over every hurdle, and
towards final success. Make sure you’re doing this for yourself, not for
anybody else, and be happy because of it. You can see motivational videos
online and take ideas from there. You may feel 0 motivation and this is when
you need to push yourself and keep going.

You will not always feel motivated, but if you practice discipline, you become an unstoppable force who can accomplish anything. So even when you don’t feel like it, do it (unless your body needs rest — listen to your intuition).

4) Enjoy your regime

There’s not one way to get fit. There are so many ways you can incorporate
fitness into your lifestyle so find what you enjoy doing most. When you
enjoy your workouts, it’ll be an exciting part of your week and much easier
to stick to. Do you love the feeling of pushing yourself? Maybe weight
training is for you. Want more fun and upbeat workout? Try Zumba. Your
workout routine can consist of anything that keeps you physically active
whether that’s running, resistance training, yoga, rock climbing, playing
your favorite sport, dancing, or another activity that gets your heart rate up.

5) Reward yourself

Finally, reward yourself for all the sweat you’re putting in. Once you
successfully fulfill a monthly goal, treat yourself. Everybody needs a cheat
day from time to time, and allowing yourself one after a month of hard work
will only get you going stronger after it.

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As you discover more about yourself, you can pivot your plan to optimize
your workouts. Goals are how we learn what works for us, and what doesn’t.
Decide what you really want, then score the fitness goal that makes your life
meaningful. We hope these tips help you make fitness a part of your

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MrBeast Hosts Squid Game Real Life? Who has won the First squid game.


First Ever Real life Squid Game in MrBeast Channel.

Nov 25, 2021, MrBeast Has Uploaded “$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!”Squid Game in real life.”

The squid game created a buzz all across the world.With its unique concept, captivating storyline, and twists that hook you to the edge of your seat.  

The creator of this hit show Hwang Dong-Hyuk struggled for ten years before his script was finally accepted. And the show became one of the most viewed shows in the world.It’s normal for shows to create hype everywhere. But what if I tell you that there’s this one guy who has replicated the entire SQUID GAME!

Yes, you heard it right! An entire replication of the SQUID GAME and the person behind this is none other than MrBeast.

$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!


MR Beast is an American Youtuber with 84 million subscribers and 130 billion views on Youtube. 

Mr.Beast whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson is known for his massive money giveaway videos. And his recent replication of the Squid Game with a winning prize of $ 456,000 for the winner.

I recreated Squid Game in real life with 456 random people! GO WATCH!


There’s a significant difference between the original and the remake. Well obviously!

First, the replicated squid game focuses more on the fun and entertaining side than the main essence. Whereas, the original on the other hand had a great message.

All the players in the squid game had some financial difficulty going in their life. Some had to pay a debt, and some wanted to support their family. The chief lesson/theme behind the whole series was what a catastrophe financial burden could bring in a person’s life. But Mr. Beast’s version does not show that.

In the real Squid game, the contestant chosen came from a poor, financially weak background, and some of them had debt and criminal records too. But Mr. Beast’s contestants were random people chosen among his followers.In the real squid game, there was just one winner. But in Mr. Beast’s version, there was a slight twist. Mr beast’s version followed the games in the original show. And the contestants who made it to the second round were given $2000 cash each. Lucky lads!

That does not end here immediately after the second game Mr Beast asks the contestant who made their way to the third round saying “ 142 survived honeycomb. And if you leave in the next five minutes, I’ll give you $4000

And 20 of the contestant left the show with $4000 each.

Lastly, the original squid was suspenseful with a unique ending, lesson and enchanting story telling technique. Whether it was Ali’s death or Seon Ji Hun, who despite of winning the game does not touch the money he won.

Bu Mr Beast’s version is more for fun and does not have any resonance with the original script.


If you haven’t watched Squid game the original then there’snot point in watching the video either. You will not understand any of those games or the whole concept. 

So, only if you have watched the squid game, it makes sense. Otherwise it won’t.

But again its your choice whether you want to watch it or not. Although in Netflix show of Squid Game, the prize money was won by player number 456 i.e Seong Gi-hun. MrBeast’s Squid Game was ultimately won by Player 079 named Tryzon. He’ll walk away with $456,000 in prize money, which works out to $1000 per individual. and the real name of player 067 is Camilla Araujo who has been very popular since MrBeast Squid Game in Real life.


Honestly, the original series is way better than Mr Beast’s video. It felt more like a parody version of the whole series. However, if you like to watch the whole replication of the show format by the Youtuber than you should go for it.


Famous Food In Kathmandu | Delicious and Budget Street Foods.

Image source | Google

Street food is the ultimate soulmate of every food lover out there. And if you love food and ever thought to try some Famous street foods available in Kathmandu-Nepal, this article is for you.

Moving across the corner of every street of Kathmandu, you’ll find places that sell the best street foods. But what if they are expensive and not budget-friendly?

 And What if it is your first visit to Kathamandu and no clue about the local foods? What if you miss the mouth-watering Newari cuisine near Chura Galli in Asan? Or Lassi in Indrachowk?

If these questions are on your mind, then do not worry. In this article, we will discuss the top seven best and affordable street foods in Kathmandu.

1) Momos

Image Source - Google
Image Source – Google

Momo is the ultimate king of street food found in every corner of Kathmandu. And no matter how small or big the shop is, you’ll find people enjoying it while eating.

Thin slides of dough and filled with meat, veggies, or paneer, this delicacy is the choice of food for everyone and everywhere in Kathmandu. 

For an unforgettable momo experience, you can visit some of the famous momo centers in Kathmandu.

  • Narayan Dai ko Masanggalli ko famous momo 
  • Everest momo center
  • Shandar momo center
  • Ghagri cafe

2) Yomari

Image Source - Google
Image Source – Google

If you have a sweet tooth and love street food, then Yomari is your perfect choice. It is another popular Newari dish famous in the Newar community.

Yomari is a steamed dumpling with a filling of Chaaku ( made of sugarcane juice, ghee, nuts, and jaggery) or khuwa. It is the main dish prepared in yomari punhi, which is a Newari festival.

However, it is now available at every corner of a Newari community. And at a reasonable price too.

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3) Shabhaley

Image Source - Google
Image Source – Google

Shbahaley is also known as sha phaley. Originating from Tibet, it is well-known street food in every corner of Kathmandu.

Shabhaley is an enormous version of momo. It is deep-fried and filled with a chunk of meat fillings. The meat melts into your mouth with one bite making it an alluring dish. And perfect for your budget and your tummy.

Finding Shabhaley isn’t a difficult task. You can get them at every corner of the street. But make sure the place is safe, clean, and hygienic.

4) Chatpate

Image Source - Google
Image Source – Google

Is your mouth drooling at the name? Yes, Chatpate made out of rice puff or noodles is a must-try in the streets of Kathmandu. The local cuisine is in-demand and liked by every age group. It is budget-friendly and affordable for everyone. 

Chatpate is a mini version of chat served with rice puff, boiled potato, fresh coriander, peas, onion, local spices, and lemon juice.

The balance between the hot and sour is alluring and a treat to your taste buds. And whether you like it spicy or tangy, it is your choice. 

The only thing you should be worried about is hygiene.  Street food in some places has an unhygienic environment. So, next time if you go for panipuri, make sure you eat in a safe and clean place.

5) Choila

Image Source - Google
Image Source – Google

An authentic Newari cuisine, Choila is another popular street food. Choila is a mixture of buffalo meat with spices. Although you can find choila of chicken and duck meat, buffalo meat is considered an ideal ingredient for choila recipe. If you are vegan or vegetarian, then try mushroom choila. It is equally satisfying.

The recipe and making process differ from place to place. However, if you want to try authentic choila, then visit the local street of Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Basantapur.

Also for best choila experience visit places like :

  • Honachha, Lalitpur
  • Harisiddhi Newa Suhlee
  • Sa sa twa, kirtipur
  • Churagalli, basantapur

6) Panipuri

Image Source - Google
Image Source – Google

How can an article that talks about street food be complete without panipuri?

Also known as golgappa and puchka in India. It is a portion of common but well-liked street food in Nepal. 

Pani puri is a small fried puff ball filled with fillings of potato, chilies, onion, spices, and grams. You can eat panipuri without dipping it in the water mixed with coriander juice, mint, tamarind paste, salt, and spices. But if you don’t like it with water, panipuri is served with curd too familiar as Dahi puri.

You can find panipuri everywhere, at every corner of the street. And if you don’t like eating outside, arranging panipuri at home is trouble-free.

However, when it comes to cost in a fancy restaurant, it can range from Rs 100-Rs200. But in the street, you can get it for less than Rs 50.

So, the choice is yours.

7) Pakora

Image Source - Google
Image Source – Google

Imagine the cold weather, a cup of coffee, your favorite books, and Pakora. Sounds perfect in cold weather.

Pakora is a fried snack made up of vegetables, spices, and gram flour. A perfect lunch snack for everyone. The crispy and crunchy taste makes it an ideal street food for everyone. Pakora is easily available in different and most of the streets of Kathmandu. It is one of the most loved & famous street food of Kathmandu.

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Kathmandu’s street is full of authentic and unique street food. It is a perfect place for you to eat till your heart is filled, and that too is under budget. Some of these foods reflect the cultural settings of a community, while some follow the trend.

Whatever the reason is, street foods are the part of a cuisine that normal people like. And who does not like food that’s good in taste and costs less? These 7 listed foods that are talked about and loved by many Nepalese are the famous Kathmandu street foods.

5 Big Reasons that you shouldn’t carry your phone to the toilet

Image Source - Google
Holding phone on toilet

In this article, we show you the 5 big reasons that why you shouldn’t carry your phone to the toilet. The solitary confinement of one’s bathroom is perhaps the most peaceful time of the day for people like myself. You get to catch up on the news, social media vomit from friends and family and even catch up on work emails. Like everyone else, I leisurely took time in answering nature’s call and catching up on my social tasks until one fine day a professor in my Dental CDE class, dropped the bomb on us! He said and I quote “The average smartphone screen is even dirtier than a toilet seat.”

Despite being an ardent cleaner of all things around me and excessive use of sanitizer (Pre-Corona Pandemic) I had not judged the amount of filth my phone carried, and probably took to bed and dining table, until I decided to go on research mode and what I found was beyond the germ theory.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we shouldn’t take the phone to the toilet:

1) Toilet Plume

It was a disturbing fact I came across whilst scrolling my mobile, the fecal matter- Toilet Plume. Toilet plume is the dispersal of microscopic particles while flushing. While not much can be transferred via a healthy person’s plume, except for hygiene, research has shown that there exists indirect evidence that pathogens (disease-causing microbes like SARS Coronavirus or norovirus) could potentially be spread by flushing. Scientists at the University of Arizona have found that cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. Hence, flushing with the lid down can help minimize the toilet plume.

2) Germ theory

Germs are everywhere and thanks to mobile data and fast Wi-Fi connections so are the cellphones, even in public bathrooms. We can be extra careful, putting our phone in the pocket, using the paper towels for touching the doorknobs or faucets, but we never know what the people before us have done or have infected. Unless we invent mobiles that self-sanitize, it’s safe to say- Do not bring your cellphone to toilet restrooms.

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3) Hemorrhoids

An article in Healthline Magazine quotes colorectal surgeon Dr. Karen Zaghiyan saying: “It’s not the actual act of using a smartphone that is the problem. Rather, sitting on the toilet [whether you are reading or just sitting there] for a prolonged period of time can definitely lead to hemorrhoid problems.” But what are hemorrhoids?

The swelling of already existing blood vessels around one’s rectum is hemorrhoids. They can be both internal and external and can cause, pain, bleeding, and clots. In Short, these are painful conditions.

When we sit in that position for more than 10 minutes while catching up on missed shows, audiobooks, or eBooks or even scrolling through Instagram, we are putting unnecessary pressure on our rectum. The collective continued pressure on the rectum day in and out causes the engorge blood vessels and exacerbates hemorrhoids.

So while hemorrhoids are not directly caused by smartphones the act of sitting straining and mindless scrolling exacerbates the condition. So we might want to leave the cellphone from the toilet.

4) Exacerbation of Nerve and Hip problems

Again it’s not the act of using the cellphone that causes the problems but the position and time taken while answering nature’s call that causes the deterioration of nerves, bones, and muscles.

As much as the advent of the internet into our phones has opened a Pandora’s Box of news and entertainment for us common folks, it has seemed to cost our physical and mental wellbeing due to addiction as well.

5) Mental Break

Our minds are constantly bombarded with information both useful and useless throughout the day. Answering nature’s call is the body’s way of taking a break and relaxing. It is supposed to be a simple task of eradicating your bodily waste and relaxing, and we have even tried to cram those few minutes of natural break catching up on work, emails, and again the mindless scrolling.

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This is not good for our mental clarity or peace. As kids we remember being bored in the bathroom and reading the back of shampoo bottles, such mindless tasks help us collect our thoughts and help us loosen the more creative nooks and corners of our brain.

In the long run, our obsession with always staying in touch and being online has hindered our creativity and mental well-being. By knowing these big 5 reasons why you shouldn’t carry your phone to the toilet may help you on a regular basis.

5 ways to generate passive income in Nepal

Image Source - Google

Generating some good passive income is what many peoples want in the present time. You can also generate a well amount of passive income in Nepal and Globally. Having a stable and steady 9-5 work, and an attractive income is like icing on the cake. But what if you could earn more without burning yourself out?

In the present time, a single income may not help you to sustain decently. It is crucial to have multiple sources of income for sustainability. But it is burdensome to invest your time and effort in every direction.

That is why engaging yourself in generating passive income is paramount. It lays out additional revenue with less endeavor and time. In this article, we will tell you five ways to generate passive income in Nepal.

Here are the best 5 ways to generate passive income in Nepal.


Image Source – Google | Image by Unsplash

Fashion and trends come and go. But what never goes out of vogue is cute, funky, adorable T-shirts. Yes, you heard it right. T-shirt printing is a considerable source of passive income you can indulge yourself in.

It neither costs a lot nor is time-consuming. However, you need to be creative enough to meet up the demand of your audience.

For example: If you are into anime, then you must be aware of the new trends and designs that will make your T-shirts noticeable in the market. Repeating designs will not put you in any place.

If you are someone who is creative and likes trends then this is for you.


Image Source – Google | Image by Unsplash

If you are passionate about any skill that you have honed perfectly, then you may consider teaching. Especially through online mediums. You can either collaborate with sites such as glocal, suitable, etc which are the online course providing sites in Nepal, sell your course on your own. ( https://glocalnepal.com/) ( https://sikable.com/)

The situation of internet use has skyrocketed in Nepal especially after COVID-19. During and after the pandemic (https://english.onlinekhabar.com/nepals-91-of-the-population-have-access-to-the-internet-regulator.html#:~:text=As%20per%20the%20data%20of,%2DMarch%20to%20mid%2DApril)

Whether it’s school, college or even work everyone indulges on the internet, and according to reports, 90% of the total population have access to the internet. In such a scenario it is a significant chance to make your passion a source of income.


Image Source – Google | Image by Unsplash

The stock market is another great place for earning passive income. If you are looking for ways to invest and earn decently then investing is the best way to go.

The bright side of buying stock is when you buy/get stock of a firm you receive payment at a regular interval. And all you need to do is buy stock. There is no need to perform a lot of activities while buying stock. All you need is knowledge on investment in stock, and the money shall get deposited in your account.

Despite economic turbulence brought in pandemic times, the share market has blown tremendously. Also, there are different stock trading apps & websites which make a way easier for buying and selling your stocks.

According to sources, the number of registered mero share market has increased from 7 lakh to 26 lakh, and Demat account to 36 lakh. (https://www.recordnepal.com/why-nepals-stock-market-is-booming-amidst-a-pandemic)

It shows that people are aware of the benefits that guide through investing in the share market.

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Image Source – Google | Image by Unsplash

With the growing digital era, the demand for content creators is rising. Everything is a click away, and the needs of the audience keep on changing with time. While most prefer video content, few people like to read. So depending upon the niche of your audience you can start either of them.

Whether you like traveling, discovering new foods, crafts. Find a niche audience either through your writing or videos. A great idea of passive income, don’t you think?

But before that, you need to find content that is unique and attractive enough to build your audience. It may take some time but remember consistency is the key.

An advantage of this is you do not need to invest financially at the initial stage. You can take your time before you know what you want to create.

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Image Source – Google | Image by Unsplash

Building a website is the first step for your business to create an impactful visual appearance. Whether you are a small-scale business or a big industry, your website is the face of your business.

You can either create websites for other businesses or create your website and work on it. It is the best way for beginners to earn through monetizing.

Whether you want to start your digital marketing, create SEO-friendly tools, or teach online classes. You can commence all of it through your site.


At last, earning money through passive income can be difficult, but it’s not quite impossible. In the world of today like every successful person have a way to generate passive income which helps them to engage in other ideas & work too.

Even if the business you started is small giving your little time every day helps you to go along with your 9 to 5 job too.

What Is CryptoCurrency? Everything To Know About Digital Cash

Paperstown cryptocurrency image
Paperstown cryptocurrency image

In today’s context, Cryptocurrency is a common topic of conversation amongst the youth. But what is Cryptocurrency? And How does it work? Let’s find it out. Also, we will be talking in-depth about Cryptography and Blockchain Technology.    

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is simply a digital or electronic form of payment that uses cryptography to secure transactions. In other words, Cryptocurrency is digital decentralized cash based on blockchain technology. There are over 6000 different Cryptocurrencies accepted around the world.

The most popular Cryptocurrency is definitely, Bitcoin. It is denoted by symbols BTC, ฿, and ₿. Currently, the value of 1 Bitcoin is 62,178 USD.

Image Source: Google

The reasons behind the popularity of Cryptocurrency:

  • Traders and Investors around the world see Cryptocurrency as the future. And as a result, the number of buyers is rapidly increasing every day.
  • Cryptocurrencies are secured due to the built-in blockchain technology.
  • Since there is no involvement of any World Government banks, investors see it as a golden opportunity to protect their wealth.
  • With the growth of digitalization all over the world, many companies are accepting cryptocurrency as a method of payment.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are way faster (usually done in minutes) than any other form of money transfer.

Rise And Dominance Of Bitcoin

Every person who uses social media might be familiar with the term Bitcoin. There are many tutorial videos available where people show the process of mining bitcoins.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that relies only on peer-to-peer networks. ₿ is the character used to represent Bitcoin, and the smaller amounts of Bitcoins are called millibitcoin (mBTC). Since it is a decentralized currency, it does not have a central authority. Similarly, anybody can send a transaction without the requirement of approval from higher networks.

Image Source: Google

As per sources, Nakamoto had mined over one million bitcoins in 2010, just before handing the network alert key and control of the code repository over to the software developer, Gavin Andresen.

In the last decade, Bitcoin has risen to global dominance. The most successful Entrepreneur and the current richest person in the world, Elon Musk, had also his part in the growth of Bitcoin value. In January 2021, he tweeted with the hashtag #Bitcoin on his personal Twitter account in support of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, within an hour, the price of one bitcoin rose from $32,299 to $37,000.

In early 2021, Elon Musk also announced that Tesla accepts Bitcoin to buy their cars. However, just after 49 days after the announcement, he called off the bitcoin acceptance, stating that mining Cryptocurrency contributes to more consumption of fossil fuels. And as a result, it was becoming a rising cause for climate change.

How Does Cryptography Differ From Cryptocurrency?

Though the terms Cryptography and Cryptocurrency may sound similar, their meanings are much different from one another. A cryptocurrency is a digital form of cash whereas, Cryptography is the study or practice for creating secure communication.

encryption and cryptography conceptual illustration: digital keys with led lights on binary code background

Cryptography is majorly used to create an assured path such that the encrypted data sent by the sender is decrypted by the intended receiver only. The most common applications of Cryptography are banking transactions and e-commerce transactions.

The three major types of Cryptography techniques used are:

1. Symmetric-Key Cryptography

2. Hash Functions

3. Public-Key Cryptography

Symmetric-Key Cryptography:

In Symmetric-Key Cryptography, the primary data is converted to a format that is impossible to read by any intermediate who does not possess the secret key that was initially used to encrypt the data. Furthermore, it is more efficient than asymmetric encryption and therefore used in exchanging larger data. Some popular examples of Symmetric-Key Cryptography are DES, 3DES, and AES.

Hash Functions:

Hash Functions used in Cryptography are mathematical algorithms that map data of fixed length. It uses hash values instead of specific keys and they are also called one-way encryption. It is more complicated to use than other Cryptography methods. Message-Digest Algorithm, Secure Hash Algorithm, and RIPEMD are some of the practical examples of Hash Functions.

Public-Key Cryptography:

Public-Key Cryptography is the just opposite of the Symmetric-Key Cryptography algorithm. It is also called Asyymmteric Cryptography. In Symmetry Key, only one key is used for both encryption and decryption.

But in this method of Cryptography, two keys, one public and the other private key are used. The public key is used for encryption whereas, the private key is used for decryption. Examples: Digital Signature Standard, Pailliercryptosystem, and Cramer–Shoup cryptosystem.

Exploring the Terminology: Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a specific type of database which is also known as a decentralized and distributed ledger. In addition, it is a system to keep records in a secure manner such that it becomes almost impossible to hack or cheat. It is also referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Due to blocDue to blockchain technology, ledgers are distributed amongst users allowing real-time access and transparency. It generally contains never-ending blocks that are linked together using Cryptography. Here, once data is recorded on a block it cannot be altered retroactively without altering all the other blocks linked to it.

Key Features Of Blockchain Technology:

  • Better Security – Blockchain Technology creates end-to-end encryption between the sender and receiver. This makes the data completely secured and almost impossible to hack.
  • Immutability – In programming, an Immutability object is referred to as an object whose state can’t be changed after it is created. The blockchain creates immutable ledgers which record never-ending transactions. And it store the data in real-time.
  • Traceability – Traceability can be used to expose weaknesses in any supply chain. Organizations use this feature to trace the origin of services provided by any individual.
  • Transparency – As blockchain technology uses distributed ledgers, the same recorded data are available in multiple peer-to-peer networks. This increases transparency and trust.
  • Instant Transactions – It is well known that transactions take way longer if there is the involvement of a third party. But not in this case. Blockchain technology enhances transaction execution time which means faster settlements.

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10 Best Stock Market Books You Must Read in 2022

Paperstown Stock thumbnail
Paperstown Stock thumbnail

Does Reading Stock Market Book Help? Yes, it can help you make better financial decisions based on different strategies and plans. Here, our researchers have listed the Ten possibly Helpful Stock Market books in 2022, dedicated to the Investors.

These books are proven to be quite helpful in an Investor’s career and will also help you go through the beginner’s phase. Whether you are an amateur Investor stuck in a dilemma or a professional trying to double your gains, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best amongst the best. This article has listed 10 Best Stock Market Books You Must Read in 2022.

1. The Intelligent Investor

Author: Benjamin Graham

Initial Published Year: 1949

Price: $14.29 (Buy)

Rich results in google's SERP when searching for 'best stock market books'

Though first published in 1949, The Intelligent Investor is still a popular stock market book as of 2022. Also, the book has been revised into newer editions with additional tips and tricks.

The Intelligent Investor focuses on value investing, a unique approach in investment by Benjamin. It can primarily be analyzed within three bodies, value investing, the allegory of Mr. Market, and at last, determining value. In addition, it has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 from Goodreads. This is among the few books which really gets the good review for becoming one of the best stock market in 2022 to read.

2. A Beginner’s Guide To The Stock Market

Author: Matthew R. Kratter

Initial Published Year: 2019

Price (Amazon): $6.99 (Buy)

Rich results in google's SERP when searching for 'best stock market books'


A Beginner’s Guide To The Stock Market is the perfect book for you if you are a newbie in the stock trading system with absolute Zero-knowledge, whatsoever. The book will guide you through everything you need to know about the stock market and how it works.

The author of A Beginner’s Guide To The Stock Market, Mathew R. Kratter has been trading for over 20 years of his career. In addition, he has published a total of 16 books related to the stock market, but this one stands for itself.

3. One Up On Wall Street

Author: Peter Lynch

Initial Published Year: 1989

Price- $7.25 (Buy)

Rich results in google's SERP when searching for 'best stock market books'

One up On Wall Street is a classic book guide for investing, which has been sold over a million copies worldwide. The legendary mutual-fund manager and the author of this book, Peter Lynch, has briefly elaborated the merits, average investors have and how they can utilize it to achieve financial milestones.

In the book, Lynch advises you that if you ignore the ups and downs of the market with speculations about interest rates for between five and fifteen years, then there are high chances of your portfolio getting a reward. Moreover, it is rated 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon’s official E-commerce site.

4. How To Make Money In Stocks

Author: William J. O’Neil

Initial Published Year: 1988

Price: $12.91 (Buy)

Rich results in google's SERP when searching for 'best stock market books'

As the name of the book suggests, How to Make Money In Stocks will help you, the genuine Investors maximize your profits in stock trading. The book has mentioned strategies to avoid the common mistakes which beginner Investors tend to do. This will eventually save you from Bankruptcy.

The Business tycoon William J. O’Neil has also enlisted a proven 7-step process for maximizing gains and minimizing risks. In addition, in the expanded edition of the book, the following features have been added as well:

a. Tips on which stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds to pick to maximize your profits.

b. Over 100 up-to-date charts to provide you insights on current profitable trends.

c. Advanced techniques in searching profitable stocks in the long run before they make considerable price gains.

5. Common Sense On Mutual Funds

Author: John C. Bogle

Initial Published Year: 1988

Price: $27.25 (Buy)

Rich results in google's SERP when searching for 'best stock market books'

The popular book Common Sense on Mutual Funds advises Investors on mutual funds focusing on the advantage of having long-term strategies. The book has also laid out the actual meaning of index funds with its priorities. Similarly, the writer, John C. Bogle, has reflected on the structural and regulatory changes in the mutual fund industry.

Common Sense on Mutual Funds has got enlisted on the Top books that could help actually make you rich, by the site ConsumerAffair.com. Moreover, it is considered the best book ever published by Bogle and one of the best books ever published on Mutual Funds.

6. When to Sell: Inside Strategies for Stock-Market Profits

Author: Justin Mamis

Initial Published Year: 1977

Price: $24.95 (Buy)

Rich results in google's SERP when searching for 'best stock market books'

Justin Mamis’ best-selling book When to Sell, has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 on Amazon. The book has briefed some guidelines, which if you follow, will be self-reliant on your stock trading’s. The book was initially published decades ago, but it is still relevant as it was back then. Patience and time are always required to get on the Top.

The author of this book, Justin Mamis, was noted as a stock market technician and an analyst. Besides When to Sell, he is renowned for his other two books, How To Buy and The Nature Of Risk. Even after his demise, in 2019, people still praise him for his contributions to the Business world.

7. Let’s Talk Money

Author: Monika Halan

Initial Published Year: 2018

Price: $17.03 (Buy)

Rich results in google's SERP when searching for 'best stock market books'

The money we earn is the result of our hard work. And the book Let’s Talk Money provides efficient financial planning’s to make your money last longer. Though this book lacks knowledge on how to earn from Stock Market, it will surely guide you through the ways you can make the best out of your current revenues.

The author, Monika Halanis a regular speaker on financial literacy and regulation. She has gained a wealth of experience in financing over the years. Previously she used to serve as an advisor to the Swarup Committee. Monika has also worked as a member of the Ministry of Finance Committee on Incentives in India.

8. Fundamental Analysis For Investors

Author: Raghu Palat

Initial Published Year: 2016

Price: $11.50 (Buy)

Rich results in google's SERP when searching for 'best stock market books'

Fundamental Analysis is a must for long-term investors to earn a hefty sum on their stock trading’s. The book Fundamental Analysis For Investors helps you to master the basic fundamental analysis in business. It also helps to evaluate a company based on track records and as well as the economic and industry outlook.

Raghu Palat’s book, Fundamental Analysis For Investors will help you base your investment decisions only on relevant information, records, and not on assumptions. Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch are some of the legendary investors who used this approach to amass enormous fortunes. This book also made a big place among the new coming traders by becoming one of the best stock market books in 2022.

9. The Little Book That Beats The Market

Author: Joel Greenblatt

Initial Published Year: 2006

Price: $12.99 (Buy)

Rich results in google's SERP when searching for 'best stock market books'

Joel Greenblatt’s acclaimed book, The Little Book That Beats The Market, is considered one of the classics of finance literature. The author has simply set out the basic principles for successful stock market investing. He has also added his magic formula in the equation, which is easy and effective in use.

Reading The Little Book will build up your confidence as you’ll learn how to use low-risk management methods to beat the market. Just like any other books mentioned in our list, you can buy this one also from Amazon at a reasonable price. And also famous among traders for one of the best stock market books of 2022.

10. Everything You Wanted To Know About Stock Market Investing

Author: Tv18 Broadcast Ltd

Initial Published Year:2019

Price: $38.90 (Buy)

Rich results in google's SERP when searching for 'best stock market books'

If you have aimed to earn money from Stock Investments but have only a little knowledge, then this could be one of your best choices to read. After reading Everything You Wanted To Know About Stock Market Investing you will be able to create your, own portfolio and make your own investment decisions.

This book not only makes stock trading easy, but it has also made an effort to make it as interesting as possible. The author of the book is not a person but a company. Network18 Publication Pvt. Ltd. is a media and entertainment company that has its business links from Television to the Internet. These all are the best stock market books in 2022 that are leading the new minds. Also, peoples share so many stocks based bits of knowledge in a new mobile application called clubhouse. You can also Know more about this app called Clubhouse. We value Your precious in paperstown.


Top Netflix Series In 2021 (Updated List)

Top Netflix Series In 2021
Top Netflix Series In 2021

Are you searching for a worth-watching Netflix series in 2021? Look no further, here we have listed the recently trending Netflix series, which, are most streamed in 2021. Also, we have saved the best one for the last, so, don’t miss out.

2021 has been an amazing year for the movie lovers out there. There have been many Netflix series released in the past couple of months that can’t be missed by anyone. From Money Heist to Sex Education, people have been enjoying themselves with the thriving storylines developed. And obviously, we can’t ignore the Korean Mystery Drama series, Squid Games which has taken over the Internet by surprise.

Before diving into our main subject, let’s first reveal what Netflix is. Netflix is one of the most trusted OTT streaming services, with over 209 million subscribers from all across the world. There are around 72 million subscribers from the United States and Canada alone. Moreover, In the last two decades, it has grown outrageously. Netflix currently has over 2000 shows and 4000 movies, making it the largest entertainment and media company by market capitalization.

Here is a list of Top 5 trending and popular Netflix series which are must-see:

5. Sex Education

The first popular Netflix series on our list is Sex Education which returned with its third season in 2021. It is a British teen comedy-drama series that follows the lives of the students, parents, and staff of the Moordale Secondary School as they explore their sexual intimacy. Furthermore, Viewer discretion is advised as it contains nudity and adult language.

Sex Education has been showing its excellence on screen with its scriptwriting, directing, and execution. The show focuses on Otis, a socially awkward teenager living with his mother, Jean, who is a sex therapist by profession. Otis secretly runs a sex clinic at school with a whip-smart bad-girl Maeve. The story develops as he falls in love with her but has to go through a series of obstacles before finally confessing his true feelings for her. The show has 24 episodes with three seasons. And the fourth season is currently under production.

4. You

If you enjoy watching violence and murder mysteries, then, You is definitely one of your best choices to watch. It is a psychological thriller Crime drama series that officially aired its first season in 2019. With the success of its first two seasons, it has returned with its’s third season. Moreover, the series is based on a 2014 novel authored by Caroline Kepnes.

The series, You, narrates the tale of Joe, a bookstore manager, and a serial killer, as he falls in love with a customer named Beck. With time, his love grows into an extremely toxic and delusional obsession. His uncontainable desire for her pushes him to a whole new level of stalking. He tries to escape his past as he moves to a new city to start a new life. However, after he falls for another woman, he finds himself on the same old regular path of obsession and violence.

3. Lucifer

Though the first season of Lucifer received mixed reviews from critics, its subsequent seasons were much better rated leading, it to become one of the most-watched Netflix series of all time.

Lucifer is an American urban fantasy Television series starring Tom Ellis as the lead role, Lucifer Morningstar. After being bored by ruling Hell, he eventually abdicates his throne and relocates to Los Angeles, where he runs, his own, Nightclub. He then meets an intriguing Detective, Chloe Decker, after being involved in a murder investigation. Throughout the series, Lucifer helps her in solving crime with his power to manipulate people into revealing their darkest desires. The series gets more interesting as they encounter all sorts of supernatural beings along the way.

2. Money Heist

Money Heist is one of the most loved Netflix Series, which won the International Emmy Award for Best Drama. It is a Spanish heist crime tv-series that traces two professionally prepared heists, one on the Bank of Spain and one on the Royal Mint of Spain. Both theses heists are led by the mastermind, the professor.

Originally the professor recruits eight selective people to carry out the nearly impossible heist. After they take 67 people, hostage, the group start printing a whopping €984 million money at the Royal Mint of Spain. But at the same time, they have to deal with elite police forces. After they successfully execute the first heist, they start to live the life of their dreams. However, one of their group members gets caught by the police, and the story continues as they plan out their second heist, hiding.

Moreover, the series has come to an unavoidable end. Its last season is partitioned into two smaller parts, Part 5, Volume 1, and Volume 2. The first Volume of the finale came out on September 3 with a total of 5 episodes. And the last Volume is set to be released on December 3.

1. Squid Game

Squid Game is currently the Netflix Series everyone is talking about. It has been listed as the most-watched Netflix Series crossing 111 million global views within the first month of its release.

Squid Game is a South Korean television series, written and directed by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, which depicts a group of adults playing children’s games to win a total cash prize of 45.6 billion won ($38 million). Quickly it becomes clear that they are playing with more than just money at stake and the consequence of losing is inevitable death. Furthermore, It stars some of the most talented actors like Jung Ho-Yeon, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-Joon, and Lee Jung-Jae.