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Clubhouse app

Clubhouse: An Audio Social Platform.

by subash
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A Clubhouse app is an social media platform which is basically audio based application . The app users can easily communicate in different types of audio chatting rooms. The CEO of Clubhouse are Rohan Seth and Paul Davison started this audio based social media platform in April 2020. The current evaluation of this App is $4 billion dollars. It has became a unicorn startup becoming very popular in the public.

More than 10 million users have already registered in this app according to it’s CEO Paul Davison. It is Open to everyone around the world. Users from different places can join this social media and start the conversation by entering the room or can create their own room to start the conversations. Since it is a audio based platform thus we cannot write message or DM anyone. The users can follow each others and enter the room to hear the conversation on various subject matters.

Clubhouse app

Is Clubhouse worth the time?

Clubhouse Provides the different kind of platform for the communication. A user do not have to Write the text to chat with someone. By only talking users can engage in the conversations and talk about their favourite topics. A social media where people can actually be really social. This app has features like virtual rooms where users can communicate with each other via audio. This feel of this app is very much exclusive. it’s like listening to the live podcast and being able to join the live conversations.

clubhouse rooms

Things to know about Clubhouse.

We can find and enter different kinds of rooms to look what the conversations is about. if the topic matter is based on your interest then you can stay there and listen to people talking. if you also want to add something to the conversations , just raise a hand and then moderator can invite you to the speaker section. if you get bored with the talking of the people , Leave Quietly . You to next clubhouse room and listen and join the conversations. SO, Clubhouse App is useful or not?

You can make your own room and invite your friends to make interesting conversations. We can see people talking about music, actors, bitcoins, Mars, multiverse concepts, Science, startup, national and international things as well . sometimes it can be diplomatic and funny at the same time. It allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world.https://redirect.is/x84uhdx

Clubhouse App

On the basis of popularity and the growing number of userbase in this audio based platform , We can say that Clubhouse is very useful social media platform joining the peoples from different locations and various age groups. unlike Facebook and many other social media . The clubhouse engages the peoples in real time talking environment, thus making the latest social media platform Clubhouse Very useful and interesting. You can check by yourself by downloading the App that is available in google play store . The signup method is very easy and quick . you will need one friend to invite you onboard in this platform.

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