Famous Food In Kathmandu | Delicious and Budget Street Foods.


Street food is the ultimate soulmate of every food lover out there. And if you love food and ever thought to try some Famous street foods available in Kathmandu-Nepal, this article is for you.

Moving across the corner of every street of Kathmandu, you’ll find places that sell the best street foods. But what if they are expensive and not budget-friendly?

 And What if it is your first visit to Kathamandu and no clue about the local foods? What if you miss the mouth-watering Newari cuisine near Chura Galli in Asan? Or Lassi in Indrachowk?

If these questions are on your mind, then do not worry. In this article, we will discuss the top seven best and affordable street foods in Kathmandu.

1) Momos

Image Source - Google
Image Source – Google

Momo is the ultimate king of street food found in every corner of Kathmandu. And no matter how small or big the shop is, you’ll find people enjoying it while eating.

Thin slides of dough and filled with meat, veggies, or paneer, this delicacy is the choice of food for everyone and everywhere in Kathmandu. 

For an unforgettable momo experience, you can visit some of the famous momo centers in Kathmandu.

  • Narayan Dai ko Masanggalli ko famous momo 
  • Everest momo center
  • Shandar momo center
  • Ghagri cafe

2) Yomari

Image Source - Google
Image Source – Google

If you have a sweet tooth and love street food, then Yomari is your perfect choice. It is another popular Newari dish famous in the Newar community.

Yomari is a steamed dumpling with a filling of Chaaku ( made of sugarcane juice, ghee, nuts, and jaggery) or khuwa. It is the main dish prepared in yomari punhi, which is a Newari festival.

However, it is now available at every corner of a Newari community. And at a reasonable price too.

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3) Shabhaley

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Image Source – Google

Shbahaley is also known as sha phaley. Originating from Tibet, it is well-known street food in every corner of Kathmandu.

Shabhaley is an enormous version of momo. It is deep-fried and filled with a chunk of meat fillings. The meat melts into your mouth with one bite making it an alluring dish. And perfect for your budget and your tummy.

Finding Shabhaley isn’t a difficult task. You can get them at every corner of the street. But make sure the place is safe, clean, and hygienic.

4) Chatpate

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Image Source – Google

Is your mouth drooling at the name? Yes, Chatpate made out of rice puff or noodles is a must-try in the streets of Kathmandu. The local cuisine is in-demand and liked by every age group. It is budget-friendly and affordable for everyone. 

Chatpate is a mini version of chat served with rice puff, boiled potato, fresh coriander, peas, onion, local spices, and lemon juice.

The balance between the hot and sour is alluring and a treat to your taste buds. And whether you like it spicy or tangy, it is your choice. 

The only thing you should be worried about is hygiene.  Street food in some places has an unhygienic environment. So, next time if you go for panipuri, make sure you eat in a safe and clean place.

5) Choila

Image Source - Google
Image Source – Google

An authentic Newari cuisine, Choila is another popular street food. Choila is a mixture of buffalo meat with spices. Although you can find choila of chicken and duck meat, buffalo meat is considered an ideal ingredient for choila recipe. If you are vegan or vegetarian, then try mushroom choila. It is equally satisfying.

The recipe and making process differ from place to place. However, if you want to try authentic choila, then visit the local street of Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Basantapur.

Also for best choila experience visit places like :

  • Honachha, Lalitpur
  • Harisiddhi Newa Suhlee
  • Sa sa twa, kirtipur
  • Churagalli, basantapur

6) Panipuri

Image Source - Google
Image Source – Google

How can an article that talks about street food be complete without panipuri?

Also known as golgappa and puchka in India. It is a portion of common but well-liked street food in Nepal. 

Pani puri is a small fried puff ball filled with fillings of potato, chilies, onion, spices, and grams. You can eat panipuri without dipping it in the water mixed with coriander juice, mint, tamarind paste, salt, and spices. But if you don’t like it with water, panipuri is served with curd too familiar as Dahi puri.

You can find panipuri everywhere, at every corner of the street. And if you don’t like eating outside, arranging panipuri at home is trouble-free.

However, when it comes to cost in a fancy restaurant, it can range from Rs 100-Rs200. But in the street, you can get it for less than Rs 50.

So, the choice is yours.

7) Pakora

Image Source - Google
Image Source – Google

Imagine the cold weather, a cup of coffee, your favorite books, and Pakora. Sounds perfect in cold weather.

Pakora is a fried snack made up of vegetables, spices, and gram flour. A perfect lunch snack for everyone. The crispy and crunchy taste makes it an ideal street food for everyone. Pakora is easily available in different and most of the streets of Kathmandu. It is one of the most loved & famous street food of Kathmandu.

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Kathmandu’s street is full of authentic and unique street food. It is a perfect place for you to eat till your heart is filled, and that too is under budget. Some of these foods reflect the cultural settings of a community, while some follow the trend.

Whatever the reason is, street foods are the part of a cuisine that normal people like. And who does not like food that’s good in taste and costs less? These 7 listed foods that are talked about and loved by many Nepalese are the famous Kathmandu street foods.

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