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How to become a Succesful youtuber in Nepal?

by subash
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Here are the Strategies to follow to become succesful youtuber in nepal. Are You Thinking to Start Youtube Channel In Nepal and Earn money by monetization of your Youtube channel.

Youtube is social media and video sharing platform which is probably most popular technology in the whole earth. Since 2005, Youtube has more than 1.86 billion users currently in 2021. Nowaday’s peoples are leaving their full time job and making youtuber as their Career. You can be popular youtube celebrity and become famous personality around your country. By Creating your Video Content You can share educational and entertaining videos that will help it’s users. You want to Know many things before starting your Youtube channel. This article is to give you the motivation to earn money and fame from the youtube. Please read the whole article to get the good knowledge on how to start youtube channel and earn money?

Youtube channel

You have probably watched youtube videos and also have many favourite youtuber. The thoughts to mak your own youtube channel and make videos there have come to your mind many times. Maybe you are shy person and struggling to make your own contents. maybe you are less aware to grow your youtube channel. Creator’s like pewDiePie who has more than 100 million subscribers in his youtube channel. They have also started with 1 subscribers to them. People’s are really getting into youtube business to Earn money.

Youtube content as music, education, gaming,news, and many more..

Youtube has the potential to reach out to audience and engage them to your video contents. It is simple to create a new YouTube channel. If you already have a Gmail account, you can link your new channel to your existing email address. Just Sign in to youtube and Create your channel. make your channel name and after customizing, you are ready to upload your very first youtube video.

Follow these strategies to grow your youtube channel.

1. You should post your video weekly. The video content in your channel should come to the viewer’s eye as more as possible . keep uploading your videos once a week or twice a week. create more intresting videos and be consistent.

2. Know your Niche and improve. Your channel should have a identity so that viewers can know what your channel is really about. it can be entertainment or educational. research what’s going all around in youtube and what people are liking. look for the channels that are just same as yours. add little bit of uniqueness in your videos.

3. Name of your channel, description in the videos, title and thumbnails. People tends to judge the channel at the first sight, by name of your channel, your channel art, your thumbnails and the title of the videos. make sure to make the user experience of your channel exciting . Name of the channel must be little unique and easy to understand. Make beautiful channel art. The titles of your videos should be clear. Use keywords that will help in SEO. Always add thumbnails in every videos. your thumbnail will decide whether they will click on your videos or not. little things about your channel content can make the whole difference.

4. Use Social media platform to share your youtube videos. Youtube has large number of uploads in daily basis. there are lot of competitors in youtube. You should Promote your videos in other social media platforms. share in facebook, instagram, and websites. so that audience can enage in your videos. you can advertise your videos if you want.

5. Be Very Consistent and work very hard. Sometimes it can be very frustating when your videos do not get much views. people also dont tend to subscribe channels unless they really like the content of your videos. Be committed in your goals and don’t give up that much easy. Youtube is a long term goal and needs consistent activity. you have to give your time on your channel. Upload your videos more than two times in a week. don’t stop till you succeed. Be Consistent to make your channel Grow.

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