MrBeast Hosts Squid Game Real Life? Who has won the First squid game.


First Ever Real-life Squid Game in MrBeast Channel.

Nov 25, 2021, MrBeast Uploaded “$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!”Squid Game in real life.”

The squid game created a buzz all across the world with its unique concept, captivating storyline, and twists that hook you to the edge of your seat.  

The creator of this hit show Hwang Dong-Hyuk struggled for ten years before his script was finally accepted. And the show became one of the most viewed shows in the world. It’s normal for performances to create hype everywhere. But what if I tell you that there’s this one guy who has replicated the entire SQUID GAME?

Yes, you heard it right! An entire replication of the SQUID GAME and the person behind this is none other than MrBeast.

$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!


MR Beast is an American Youtuber with 84 million subscribers and 130 billion views on Youtube. MR Beat is also a creative businessman and runs various video and tech businesses.

Mr.Beast whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson is known for his massive money giveaway videos. And his recent replication of the Squid Game with a winning prize of $ 456,000 for the winner.

I recreated Squid Game in real life with 456 random people! GO WATCH!


There’s a significant difference between the original and the remake. Well obviously!

First, the replicated squid game focuses more on the fun and entertaining side than the main essence. Whereas, the original on the other hand had a great message.

All the players in the squid game had some financial difficulty going into their life. Some had to pay a debt, and some wanted to support their family. The chief lesson/theme behind the whole series was what a catastrophe financial burden could bring in a person’s life. But Mr. Beast’s version does not show that.

In the real Squid game, the contestant chosen came from poor, financially weak backgrounds, and some of them had debt and criminal records too. But Mr. Beast’s contestants were random people chosen among his followers. In the real squid game, there was just one winner. But in Mr. Beast’s version, there was a slight twist. Mr beast’s version followed the games in the original show. And the contestants who made it to the second round were given $2000 cash each. Lucky lads!

That does not end here immediately after the second game Mr. Beast asks the contestant who made their way to the third round saying “ 142 survived honeycomb. And if you leave in the next five minutes, I’ll give you $4000

And 20 of the contestant left the show with $4000 each.

Lastly, the original squid was suspenseful with a unique ending, lesson, and enchanting storytelling technique. Whether it was Ali’s death or Seon Ji Hun, who despite winning the game did not touch the money he won.

Bu Mr. Beast’s version is more for fun and does not have any resonance with the original script.


If you haven’t watched Squid game the original then there’s not point in watching the video either. You will not understand any of those games or the whole concept. 

So, only if you have watched the squid game, it makes sense. Otherwise, it won’t.

But again it’s your choice whether you want to watch it or not. Although in the Netflix show Squid Game, the prize money was won by player number 456 i.e Seong Gi-hun. MrBeast’s Squid Game was ultimately won by Player 079 named Tryzon. He’ll walk away with $456,000 in prize money, which works out to $1000 per individual. and the real name of player 067 is Camilla Araujo who has been very popular since Mr. Beast Squid Game in Real life.


Honestly, the original series is way better than Mr Beast’s video. It felt more like a parody version of the whole series. However, if you like to watch the whole replication of the show format by the Youtuber then you should go for it.


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