5 Nepali Podcasts Channels You Should Listen To

5 Nepali Podcasts Channels You Should Listen

Are you looking for engaging and thought-provoking Nepali podcasts? With their immersive storytelling and diverse range of topics, podcasts have become a popular medium for information and entertainment. Nepal, a country with a rich cultural heritage, is making its mark in the podcasting realm with exceptional creators bringing unique voices and stories to the digital airwaves. In this article, we will explore the top 5 Nepali podcast channels that you should definitely listen to. From inspiring conversations to captivating stories, these podcasts offer a unique perspective on Nepal and its people. Read on to discover your next favorite podcast!

These channels cover a diverse range of topics, from news and current events to culture, entertainment, and more. Whether you’re a Nepali living abroad or simply interested in learning more about Nepal and its people, these podcasts are sure to offer something of interest. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Nepali podcasting and explore some of the best channels out there.

1. Sanjay Silwal Gupta

On Air With Sanjay #114 – Balen Shah

Sanjay Silwal Gupta’s “On Air With Sanjay” is a Youtube channel with more than 200+ podcasts. This Channel features various Celebrities, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, High Professionals individuals and many more covering their life experiences and perspective about Nepal. This Nepali podcast channel has gained over 350k+ Subscribers on Youtube since 2010. if you want to know more about these people and their success stories, you can listen to this channel and get inspired by the content. This channel is one of the best podcasts channels of Nepali podcasts.

2. Paradygm Podcasts

Swarnim Wagle | Paradygm Podcasts | 041

This podcast channel is owned by Sisan Baniya and Team. This Podcast channel is emerging in its own way which has interestingly raw talks and fun conversations. This Nepali podcast channel features emerging artists, public figures, and many other high achievers which we can look up to. It has gained 127k+ Subscribers on Youtube Since 2021. Sisan Baniya and Paradygm team has done an excellent setup with a retro look which gives classic quality to the content. The podcast videos of this channel will get you on a new journey knowing about their stories. this channel has more than 50 podcast videos in its channel and gives new content constantly.

3. Sushant Pradhan

Episode 148: Nirmal Dahal | Cyber Security, World of Hacking, Cyber Safety | Sushant Pradhan Podcast

Sushant Pradhan is a popular name in the podcast industry of Nepal. The content of this podcast channel features many businessmen, influencers, actors, entrepreneurs, and social workers. and sports athletes. This podcast channel is creating a remarkable impact in the Nepali podcast industry which focuses on encouraging Nepali youths to know about the Life and business Ecosystem of Nepal. If you are interested in Business, Share the market and know more about our Nepal. This podcast channel will surely get you informed with inspiring content. The channel has grown to 126k+ subscribers with over 800+ Content on its Youtube Channel since 2014.

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4. The Doers Nepal

The Doers Nepal

The Doers Nepal podcast has over 300+ videos on its Youtube Channel. This Podcast Channel is one of the emerging podcast channels in Nepal. The name of this podcast channel speaks for itself. The people which are featured in this podcast series are mostly entrepreneurs, highly educated individuals, influencers, and various social media personalities. These podcasts are mainly focused on young individuals and students who want to achieve something great in life. These Nepali podcasts are highly motivating to watch and the viewers will surely learn something valuable from their Podcasts. The channel has almost 26K+ subscribers on its Youtube channel.

5. Break Station

Break Station

BreakStation dedicates this Nepali HipHop Channel to producing quality-rich content for viewers. The unique element of this Nepali podcast channel is the promotion of the hip-hop culture of Nepal. We can see the successful journey of various famous rappers who have started from a very young age to make their career in the hip-hop industry. This channel features many popular rappers like Laure, YABI, KEYSUN, TUKI, NASTY, VYOMA, and many other amazing rap artists. If you are interested in learning more about the Nepali hip-hop community and your favorite artists, you can search for this channel. Besides Podcasts, this youtube channel also has content like music videos, Rap battles, Event Trailers, and many more. This Youtube Channel has gained over 259k+ Subscribers since 2016.


We have listed 5 Nepali podcast channels that have the potential to encourage their viewers and teach them something valuable. These Nepali podcasts are enabling Nepali people from all around the world. Most people still have not been used to this trend in Nepal, but it is increasing among young people, as it should be. Overall, the list of podcast channels in Nepal shows that the country has a vibrant and diverse podcasting community that is producing high-quality content for local and global audiences. As podcasting continues to grow in popularity, it is likely that we will see even more channels emerge in Nepal in the coming years.

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